How to change the world while having fun!

by Kiss on March 3, 2014 - 11:53am

Volunteering is a great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and to interact with the world while being part of something bigger than yourself. I have been doing volunteer work for quite a few years now and would like to present a few of them. That said the first two will relate to my previous post “Russian Water: Death Guaranteed” which was about problems related to alcohol. The other two are for sports fans and human rights fighters.

Moms Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is the size of a multi-corporate organisation in the volunteer world but more on that later. Their core values are to promote sober driving, support victims of drunk driving and to enforce the consequences towards those who drive under the influence of alcohol. Their most recent project to date was the “Project Red Ribbon”.  It involved passing red ribbons from November 1st 2013 to January 6th 2014 to attach to purses and coats to raise awareness to drinking and driving. Since it’s an awareness project people wouldn’t need training and much more like these are available. Something unique is court monitoring. This got my attention since you are able to sit in a court driving a drunk driving case and make a report on how it proceeds all while offering support for the victim. As such this organisation has become powerful enough to lower the alcohol tolerance while driving from 1.2% down to 0.8%. If you want to find out more call: 905-829-8805. They are a friendly bunch, as long as you don’t ask what their purpose is since drunk driving has dramatically decreased over the past twenty years.


A similar organisation closer to home is “Operation Nez Rouge” which offers free rides to people who drank too much. The focus of “Operation Nez Rouge” is to promote responsible behaviour towards impaired driving. In order to do this, during the month of December of each year, volunteers in the community will offer a free ride to anyone who calls because he believes, or that his friend believes, are too impaired to drive safely. To volunteer one must fill a request form on their website, which I haven’t tried but believe will not be answered this time of year since the season has already passed, and to ask one of the four position available. The escort driver is the one who volunteers his car and is behind the wheel, the volunteer driver is the one who drives the client’s car, the navigator accompanies the client with the volunteer driver and finally there is place in the HQ to answer phone calls and other such jobs. To contact call (418) 653-1492 or go on their website on to fill out your form!


RSEQ is the one I participate most of all and is the one I recommend to all those of you who which to have a fun and engaging volunteer experience. RSEQ’s creed if you will is Sports, Education and Pride. Their goal is to improve youth in all these areas and they believe it can be done by organising and promoting sports in schools. What I love most is that it’s active year round and usually right in your school which makes it convenient to attend. In Champlain College St-lambert the coming event of the woman’s basketball nationals are hosted by them. To volunteer, one will often work with the school organiser but can also call at 514 252-3300 to obtain more information. I believe this to be the most accessible and most fun volunteering that can be done since many positions, from security to ticket booth, are available.


The social Justice Committee of Montreal is an official NGO (non-government organisation) consulted by the UN for human rights. If this hasn’t raised your curiosity then it also good to know that this organisation believes in Canadians working for a more socially just world. What they have done is astounding. Some examples include successfully cancelling the $5 billion debt of Liberia to be cancelled, erase Honduras $22 million debt to Canada to help recover from a hurricane, and many others. It’s impressive to know that for most of these projects no high education is required only a 6 week training (once a week). In the case of Liberia the representative told me that the project was done by a secondary 5 student, college student and a university undergrad! To join call 514 933 6797, they are really friendly and care for their members so don’t hesitate to ask questions!