Engineers without Borders

by Scimson on March 3, 2014 - 12:06am

Engineers without Borders is an organization which invests in continuous global learning. They believe that every human being should live in the same good conditions. They are trying to implement changes in Africa to develop the potential of the people living there. They believe in equality and they wish to eradicate poverty in developing countries.

They help people in developing countries by providing them with the necessary technology. They have many programs to develop innovations to help eradicate poverty. For example, one of their biggest program, The Junior Fellowship Program develops the leadership skills of African people so they can bring their experience back to their people. They offer training in Canada to teach leadership and innovation skills that can then be transmitted back to Africans by their own people. They also have similar programs for corporations and business development of Africa.

The volunteer opportunities they offer are mainly for engineers which are sent to Africa to help with the technological development. I have sent them an e-mail to acquire information on their other volunteer opportunities to which I should have a reply soon enough.

They can be contacted by phone at 866 481-3696 or by e-mail at For engineers and corporations, Paul Cescon is answering inquiries through is personal e-mail Their website is also available for further information here.

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