The Engineer Exile

by Scimson on February 9, 2014 - 8:14pm

The Montreal start-up company Hootsuite competes to find software engineers to hire. Canadian engineers are really hard to find since Silicon Valley’s heavyweight companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple and Twitter are able to offer much more advantages to those they hire. The problem is that most of the brightest Canadian computer developers are hired by US companies leaving no one to be hired by Canadian companies. According to LuAnn LaSalle’s article “Canadian firms compete with Silicon Valley for software engineers” published on February 9th, 2014, some employment promoters believe that Silicon Valley’s corporation give Canadian engineers some experience they later can bring back to Canada and start their own company. However, 68 percent of companies started in Canada have been sold to US tech giants. Pearl Sullivan, the Dean of Engineering at the University of Waterloo doesn’t think this recruitment of Canadian is a problem since technology companies have a global market.

It can be seen as a problem that most software engineers would choose to get a job in big tech companies rather than small new companies. However, the problem might also come from the start-up companies themselves. Since more than half of them end up being sold, we should encourage Canadian CEOs to continue driving their companies rather than selling it to earn quick and easy money. 

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