Digital Economy, the Future of Currency

by Scimson on February 9, 2014 - 8:13pm

Wednesday February the 5th, a bitcoin ATM will be presented at the Montreal Bitcoin Embassy. The machine is said to be a vending machine to either buy or sell bitcoins. Montreal will be the third city to have a BitAccess ATM, as Tracey Lindeman explained in her article “Bitcoin ATM opens for business in Montreal” released Tuesday February 4th. Hundreds of similar machines are planned to be installed this year all around the world. As a digital currency, bitcoin has been a real success and, since this fall, has been growing ever faster. As bitcoins are unique and not created to be sold, the only way to acquire them is to buy them from someone else. The only way to acquire new coins is to give the computing power of a computer for a period of time to the bitcoin ledger. The idea behind the ATMs is to provide and easy access to buy and sell bitcoins all around the world.

I believe digital currencies are the future of currency. They are able to break the boundaries of standard currencies as they are universal. The only way to have digital currencies grow is to have more people know about them and share them. I believe they are a great possibility for future economy and more people should be informed about them. It can be done easily by showing this website to the people interested.


The new bitcoin sounds great but is it safe and does it have true value? I do not understand the mining?

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