Dans La Rue, Helping the Youth Live Off the Streets

by Scimson on March 3, 2014 - 12:09am

The Montreal organization Dans la rue’s main objective since its foundation in 1988 has been to help young people living in the street get back on their feet. By offering their support with a place to live, to clean and a supervised education perspective, they help young adult and teenager make it into the real world by providing them with the tools required to find a job and start working for themselves.

The organization continues to help people every day with day camps such as “Chez Pops”, which offers a place to rest for those in needs. Their action plan follows the principles of stabilizing people living in the streets, mainly young people, by offering them shelter and food. Then, they offer intervention plans to help those people learn some skills in order for them to be able to find employment and take care of themselves.

Dans la rue is mainly supported by its core of volunteers. They have needs for volunteers in many areas. For example, the maintenance of their day camps and shelters and they require drivers to drive those in needs to special organized events. People with expertise are also welcomed to help since educating the youth in need is part of their objective, mainly in the area of controlling their budget and maximizing the revenue of their tax receipts.

Those interested in helping the homeless young people of Montreal can do so by filling the form on their website and sending it to alexb@danslarue.org. It is required for them to make sure that volunteers do not have any background that could badly influence and threatened the security of the young people they help.

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