Crime and Punishment

by VanessaPace on March 27, 2014 - 5:57pm

“Crimes and Punishment: Understanding of the Criminal Code” written by Jung Sandy , Ahn-Redding  Heatherm , and Allison Meredith is about the world of criminal law in our society. These authors talk about citizens engaging in illegal behaviours such as do drugs, stealing, homicide and many other crimes. The criminal justice system takes in support whether society wants change or not in the laws and policies. That doesn’t mean that something will change in the justice system but if there is something to challenge the justice system, it can be done to show a strive for change.  Authors state that the knowledge of crime law is a big part of society and is expected in a society as well. They performed a study on 301 undergraduate students on their knowledge of crime laws and sentences associated with certain crimes. Their results show that their participants accurately defined theft, illegal use of substances, and whether someone is a sex offender or not from scenarios. These participants were less able to describe impaired drivers blood alcohol, driving that’s dangerous, and aggregated assault. When they questioned the participants on   sentencing of crimes they were not constantly accurate. Exposure beforehand of the criminal justice system did not seem to be associated with their knowledge on crime and punishment. Their finding show that in some areas of crime these young adults were unaware of legal definitions and punishments of certain crimes. This points out that education systems need to find ways to incorporate the criminal code in young adult’s lives to deepen their knowledge and educate them of what is illegal and legal in the criminal justice system. 


You summarized your article really well, straight to the point and clear to read. It is interesting to read about crime and punishment from a young adult’s point of view. I agree with the authors that some young adults are not as educated as they should be about crimes and their consequences. I found an article that takes a different approach to this issue by focusing on the prevention of crimes and punishment on young adults. Overall, the document mentions the definition of the more probable crimes and punishments of young adults and how education can be a major solution to the issue. Specifically, the chapter 5 (page 42) mentions that the more information young adults have on the consequences of crimes, provides them with a better understanding and a better mentality to think about their actions. More knowledge has never really hurt someone so I agree with the authors about enforcing more education on this issue.
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A crime is a serious offence such as murder or robbery. A punishment is a penalty imposed on somebody who is convicted of a crime. A punishment could be, for example, time in prison or a fine.

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