Child Abuse: How Academic Research from Psychology, Mental Health and Family Environment Can Help the Problem

by Sarah B. on April 9, 2014 - 9:25pm

Since the beginning of the semester, I read a lot about child abuse and I wrote some posts about it. What interests me the most are the effects of this traumatizing experience in the future life of the victims and what can help them to accept and talk about what had happened. I read the article "Wave of sexual abuse allegation for Private Boy's School in Britain" and it made me realize how hard it is to reveal that you have been abused at a certain moment in your life.  Also, the work of C. Henry Kempe really interests me because he spend most of his life creating knew ways to help abused children. All of these elements inspire me to search and wrote more about other aspect of child abuse. Psychology, mental health and family environment are the three academic disciplines that will help me write my research paper. Psychology is the study of human behaviour and it will be helpful to understand the attitude of adults that have been abused at a young age. Moreover, mental health, the study of mental illness, is an important field to establish the mental problems that lie beneath child abuse. Finally, the family environment, climate condition between family members, will be important to consider in order to understand and to prevent child abuse within families.

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