Chess and Education: How volunteering at Saint-Laurent can help the problem

by JL on April 10, 2014 - 12:01am

     I will not be volunteering with any organization, I was planning to volunteer with my brother, since he already have teaching experiences, it'll be a lot easier if I follow his advices and the children will learn a lot better. My brother taught young students the basics of chess with the organization Echecs et Maths, which has a goal to introduce chess to people who does not know how to play and to organize chess tournaments in order to spread to fun and joy while playing chess. 
     I was planning to volunteer at a primary school, one that doesn't already offer chess programs. I sent out a e-mail to Saint-Laurent and I am now awaiting their reply. One of the story that inspired me to volunteer in primary school is when I find out that there was a lot of benefits to learning chess and learning at young age is more effective. I believe that the society will benefit a lot with brighter people. Since the children right now is the future, the more intelligent they are, the chances that smart decision will be taken in the future will be higher.  
     As a volunteer, I'll be teaching kids, who doesn't have this opportunity currently in their school, how to play chess.  I've played many years in competitions and I know the rules and the openings, the basics of this game. I have my own experiences and stories I could tell in order to keep the children's attention while they learn chess and I explain my mistakes. 
    I already went into my brother classes in order to help him, it was a lot of fun seeing those children just pay attention to my brother's words and actually try the tactics he showed in the following games. I wish that a lot of people will be attending, the more the merrier. 
   I intend to volunteer on a Wednesday, during lunch time, since parents wouldn't be bothered to move because their child is already at school. But my best guess would be around April 30th, since it's before the finals and after the second tests.