Can suicide be prevented with the right health services?

by VanessaPace on April 5, 2014 - 12:44pm

 “Human rights commission to probe teen’s suicide” written by The Gazette is about the Quebec Human Rights Commission opening an investigation to a suicide case. Last month ago a boy of 15 years old  , named Guillaume Crépeau-Bonnier committed suicide at a protection center located in the Laurentians .They are conducting an investigation in order to find out why this child didn’t receive any psychological help , which he was order to have by the Quebec Court judge eight months prior to his death. The child’s mother told the Journal De Montreal that he had lived with five foster families and was always running away before his stay at the youth center. Before he died a social worker had told the mother that he repeatedly stated that he no longer wanted to live, he said he wanted to die. No one had taken this seriously or took measures to prevent this. The investigation by the commission will determine whether the rights of the boy and his parents were violated by not providing the boy with the proper health\social services they provide there.

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