Application of Dutch Cycling system in Montreal

by Lou.D. on May 15, 2014 - 12:51pm

Abstract: After a rise in use of bicycles, some countries in the world have noticed how safety for cyclist can be improved. This paper looks at one of these countries, Netherlands, and how the public reacted to it and the safety it brought with it. It then looks at Australia, where they made a similar system and analysed how it impacted health. Finally, this paper will look at how a similar system would impact Montreal and if it would work out.


Your paper looks like it will examine environmental movements, which started to erupt in countries like Netherlands. Even though it is just a little abstract that leaves a lot of flexibility that can be touched in this paper. In order for the readers of the Newsactivist website to understand in more depth what this essay will be touching about you should have made sure to leave some traces of results as well as your sources.

After reading the Abstract, I am sure that the article must very good. It is true that the cycling system in Montreal needs improvement, there should be bike paths everywhere so that the cyclists are not riding in the street and they are at risk of getting hit. I strongly agree with you and I am sure that the article will be very good.

Your abstract shows how important it is not only to protect pedestrians that are walking but the people who are riding bicycles. In New York City where I live they have bike lanes for pedestrians who are riding on bicycles. This helps ensure that they bicycle riders have a lane that is designated just for them and they can feel safe to ride in the street and not fear that a vehicle will hit them. These bicycle lanes are only on major streets and Manhattan where a lot of people ride bikes. I am hoping that they expand the bike lane project to cover all streets in New York City.

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