Abstract: Effectiveness of Environmental Activism

by gregpdesrosiers on May 14, 2014 - 2:03pm

Climate change is becoming more of a serious concern; not only as a way of threatening our capitalist and economic development system, but also our own health, philosophy, freedom, and rights. However, even with activism today, there is a lack of contribution that environmentalists are heavily seeking from the general public.

The gap that this research essay will fill is a mix from scientific, theoretical and practical areas. Climate change is mostly discovered through scientific data, with regards to emissions and how they relate to new information that shows an increase in natural consequences. Throughout research on this, it traces back to us, because we normally pay attention to our human world and bias our environmental philosophy. We use theory to determine what the potential results are if we were to continue living with fossil fuel burning for electricity generation and transport. And we use practicality to demonstrate on how we can perform practical tasks to better manage our carbon footprint and find ways to reduce both carbon emissions, even if as of yet there is not much contribution from us.

To get my results in proving the lack of environmental contribution, I surveyed three different academic sources and connected them to the news summaries I wrote: one journal article (Brian Moss' "A Revolution Is Our Only Hope" from the Society of Biology's Biologist magazine, 2014) by a University of Liverpool professor detailing the biomes, our global carbon emissions and conservation organizations; one journal article (Olive Heffernan's "Adapting To A Warmer World: No Going Back" from Macmillan Publisher's Nature magazine, Nov. 2012) by a former editor for Nature Climate Change on weather-related disasters in various parts of the world and adaptation measures; and one research paper (Malcolm Miles "Representing Nature: Art and Climate Change" from Sage Publications' Cultural Geographies, 2010) from a member of the University of Plymouth (UK) looking at examples of environmental artworks and how they seem to have not much effect in bringing the crisis closer to us.

From there, I created this research text showing off the results of my research and my analysis on managing climate change, with connections to the academic sources and the news summaries I've written over the semester. It is thus to reveal some of the realities environmental activists must anticipate, even if these projects can be extraordinary, or supportive, in some way.

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