Abstract: "Concussion in Sport: A Serious Issue in Mental Health Research"

by Olaberge on May 11, 2014 - 9:15pm

The problem of concussions in sports relates to me since I used to play hockey and soccer at a high level and I’ve witnessed some players who suffered a concussion after a big hit to the head. The essay entitled "Concussions in Sports: A Serious Issue in Mental Health Research" will be using scientific research to present the importance of this issue. The articles I used in this essay were all found using academic search premier which is a database where you can find peer-reviewed articles coming from academic journals. I looked for three articles coming from three different academic disciplines in order to present different aspects of this issue. These articles made me understand from where the few researches on concussions related to sports come from and who are the ones interpreting those research. Also, it showed what course of action should be taken for a player who as suffered a concussion in order for him to go back on the field.

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him to go back on the field. I also wish it to No. 1. I was also doing the direction of ice hockey.

I like your sentenses. I was surpriesd that you play hockey and soccerat a high level. I think that hockey is very famous sports in Canada, but I think that hockey is so dangerous sports. Also there are had injury people who play hockey. And then also, mental injury too. So I think that mental health care is very impotant for sportsman. I had joyned jounir high school basket ball team, so I understood important that mental health. I agree your opinion. I would like to know more about the mental health.

I also have a experience to get impacts to the head twice. At the first time, I lost bit of my memory and I seized back it at second time.
Concussions also cause kind of feeling of vomit or feeling sleepy.

I think that your opinion is very good.
I have been cuncussion of brain in sports.
And I have seen persons who suffer from a brain concussion in sports.
Because I had played sofft tennis for nine years.
When I and they were played sofft tennis, we had lots of accidents in the games.
In my case for example when I served a ball,I hit my head my racket.
Another case is that when players were absorbed to play the games,they hit their head each other.

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