Abstract: Child Abuse: How Academic Research From Clinical Psychology, Mental Health Counselling and Child and Family Studies Can Help the Problem

by Sarah B. on May 14, 2014 - 9:37pm

Children are sometimes neglected or not treated well. Child abuse must be taken seriously. At their age, children do not have the resources to do something about it or to talk about it. The role of children is not to protect themselves. On the opposite, this is the duty of the parents' child and of the government. It is a real problem when the people who are suppose to protect the children are hurting them and neglecting them. These situations are present in all communities but they should not be. An academic research is a very good way to know more about the situation and to be able to propose ways to solve the problem. I first I did a research on the impact of abuse on a child's life in order to be able to look for solutions. Children need to open themselves to someone to be more comfortable with what happened to them. Even if the problem will probably always be there, the implement of mental health counselling and parent-child therapy will certainly help the problem of too many abused children. To do this work I used the article "Stressful Life Events and Depression Symptoms: The Effect of Childhood Emotional abuse on Stress Reactivity" from the Journal of Clinical Psychology, the article "Mandated Reporting of Child Abuse: Consideration and guideline for Mental Health Counselors" from the Journal of Mental Health Counseling and finally the article "Preventing Maltreatment with a Community-Based Implementation of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy" from the Journal of Child & Family Studies.

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