Abstract: An Analysis of Objectivity in Journalism and the Debate on its Relevance Within the Communicative Architecture of News Media

by TarikA on May 15, 2014 - 10:19am

The issue of objectivity in news is one that has been brought up a myriad number of times during the past decades not only here in Canada, but in much of the western world as well. Though there are differing opinions on whether or not journalists should strive to be ‘objective’ in their reporting, there has never been a clear connection established between the logistics that go into producing a news story and how this may affect the purported notion that an ‘objective’ frame of reality is being crafted. Using three different sources from similarly linked academic fields, this connection was addressed. The first source discusses specifically the various communicative models utilized by news organizations and journalists to frame their news stories; the second addresses the globalization effect of the news media and how it crafts perceptions; the third brings up the argument for a more thorough understanding or re-branding of the ‘objective’ journalist model. These sources have allowed this paper to come to the conclusion that, when considering the news media’s communicative architecture and the subjective practices that go into crafting a news story, the term ‘objective’ is much too loosely applied. 


This is a very unique topic for a research paper. It’s a problem that never really occurred to me before. Your sources seem accurate and relevant to getting your point across in your paper. This is a topic I’d like to learn more about because I want to be a journalist in the future and I think this would help better my understanding of the world of news and journalism.

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