No more free passage on Champlain Bridge

by cthiemonge on February 10, 2013 - 11:12pm

The Montreal Gazette’s article that I was reading was talking about the Champlain Bridge. Apparently, people, the PQ government and the federal conservative will decide on whether or not they put tolls on the bridge.  This bridge is the most used in Canada. They wish to use a system which has become really popular. To reduce traffic and pollution, they would make people pay more in the busy hours. This project would help financing the high cost related to the bridge. Negotiation is still in course for now on.


This is a good thing for Montreal. I think the town needs a bit of financing for its projects. I don’t know if people will agree with this project because they already complain about too many taxes. They should only apply it to people who take the bridge often. Tourist could take another way reserved for them, or something like that.