Nelson Mandela changing the world

by alexis1solis on April 22, 2013 - 11:50am

Nelson Mandela, a South African political activist and president, is one of the most famous people in the world who has changed the world enormously. He was born in a small village in the southeastern part of South Africa called Transkei. Mandela first studied at University College of Fort Hare but was later expelled for leading a student strike. After his expulsion, he decided to finish his studies at University of Witwatersrand. During his time at university, Mandela became aware of the racial segregation faces by the blacks from the apartheid regime. The apartheid regime was a system of racial discrimination and separation that governed South Africa from 1948 until the early 1990’s. Nelson Mandela joined the African National Congress (ANC), South African party against the apartheid, because he wanted to end that racial segregation from the apartheid. His leadership of the ANC and his protest activities led him to be arrested for treason.  Nelson Mandela was commuted to life imprisonment but in 1990, the president of South Africa removed the ban of the ANC and released him. Nelson Mandela’s release was a huge event for South Africa and the world because it meant that the apartheid regime ended. In 1994, South Africa had its first full and fair elections. As a result, Nelson Mandela won and became the first president of the new South Africa. When Mandela was in jail, he was offered a conditional freedom but he always refused because he wanted the racial segregation in South Africa to stop.  In 1993, Nelson Mandela received a Noble Pease Prize for everything that he has done in South Africa.

Personally, I cannot imagine myself doing something like this because I would have been of what would have happened to me. For instance, revolting against the apartheid regime would have scared me because it is a big political group that has a lot of power. I would have been scared to get killed or go to jail because I don’t want to die and I do not want to get hurt or raped in jail. Also, let’s say I do go to jail, I would probably going in for a long time and this would mean that most of my life would be gone because I will be missing out on a lot of things like my family and kids (if I were to have any). Just thinking about it scares me and this is why I would not have done what Nelson Mandela did.

This news article talks about Nelson Mandela being released from a hospital and that the public was really happy because he is an important figure that has changed the lives of many people in South Africa. If it wasn’t for him, the apartheid regime could have still existed and blacks would have still been segregated from society. This news article also talks about Mandela’s life and how he changed the world by becoming the first black president in South Africa, ending the apartheid regime, and winning the Nobel Pease Prize in 1993 for bringing peace in South Africa.

This news article talks discusses how South Africa celebrated its 100thanniversary of the African National Congress (ANC). Even though people are happy that the ANC still exists today, some are mad because they claim that the party hasn’t delivered its promises since taking power in 1994. This news article also talks about Nelson Mandela and how he has made such in impact in South Africa. If it wasn’t for Nelson Mandela, blacks would have still been segregated in South Africa. A group protestors blocked the road to Bloemfontein and demanded that the ANC municipal leaders should be fired because they failed to deliver basic services like stoned vehicles, and tap water. Also, people believe that the apartheid is not fully gone because most of the farmland is still owned by whites.