My final project objective

by cthiemonge on April 7, 2013 - 10:12pm

For my final project I decided to write the essay. I think doing a volunteer job that is worth takes a lot of preparation and I have much to do with my other course so it would be too much work at the same time. I would like to write my essay on science, political science and economy. They will be related to employment like for example this article:

I chose these subjects because they are often related to employment. Political science with new laws, science with new centrals, operation centers and economy obviously, banks, accounts, etc.


Since I did my super post on the euro crisis, I have been wondering why is the economic crisis touching them so hard and for so long, without any great improvement for some countries. Is it because there is a similar currency; is the euro good, or bad for Europe? In this essay I will be arguing why similar currencies are good or bad. For example, would a universal currency reduce the risks of debts?
I will use as sources: Dream of universal currency just won’t die, by David Wolvan, December 27 2011 by wired magazine.
Dan Smith, February 2012, wired magazine, a universal currency could end the financial crisis.
Euro founders found for catastrophic currency to be broken up, the national post, May 6th 2013, by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

The academic journal articles are:
Steil benn, Foreign Affairs. May/Jun2007, Vol. 86 Issue 3, p83-96. The end of national currency
Eichengreen, Barry, foreign affairs, jan/feb2012,vol 91 issue 1,p117-134. 16p. When currencies collapse
Hoffman, E, Omni, jun91, vol. 13 issue 9, p50. 5p. 2 color photographs. One world, one currency ?