Inspiring Person

by chelsea-martin on April 15, 2013 - 2:18pm

When people think of Lance Armstrong they think of a person who used drug enhancements to win cycling races. However, he has done so much more; he founded the Livestrong foundation, a foundation dedicated to improve the quality of life for cancer patients and the cancer community. They hold events in order to raise money for cancer but also to make cancer patients feel more secure with themselves.

I feel that this is really benefitting to the world because it not only helps find a cure but it does what many foundations don’t; it makes people suffering feel good, and allows them to be comfortable in their skin. I feel that that’s really important, because finding a cure would be a great thing, but in the mean time it is important to make the patients feel like they are not alone.

The program was started in 1997 by Lance Armstrong, who survived cancer himself, he realized that there weren’t many resources to help face the disease. He decided to create the foundation to help others cope with living with cancer and their lives beyond cancer.

I feel it’s really wonderful that someone would spend their time to help others, I realize that he was once in the position himself, but it makes a big difference in a lot of people’s lives knowing that they aren’t alone, it really boost their morals.

I truly feel that he has made a difference in the world for people who are suffering with cancer. They offer one on one support for patients, as well as events to raise money and I think this could really affect the way cancer affects people. It not only affects the patient, it affects the families and friends as well, this foundation helps support those who have been affected and I feel that it could really change people’s attitudes.

Many people with cancer, or their family members, have such a bad attitude towards getting better, or are bitter because they have cancer, but with the help of this foundation they can change the way they think and be more positive towards their lives.

The foundation has hit many milestones since it was started. For example in 2009, the Global Cancer Summit was held, which brought 500+ world leaders, non-governmental organizations, advocates and corporations who help to reduce the burden of cancer. In 2011, they raised 900,000$ dollars for support programs at the First Team LIVESTRONG Challenge, where 1500 cyclist shared their stories. These are some of the recent projects but there are also many that have taken place in the past that can be seen on the livestrong website.

This foundation relates to a news article posted on CTV news on April 2nd2013, it states that cancer patients in Alberta are receiving help to cope with the challenges of having cancer and the diagnosis of cancer. These “patient navigators” are now being used for fifteen people with cancer. They try to involve the patient in the care their receiving and answer any questions. This relates to the livestrong foundation because they are trying to help the patients cope with having cancer, for many it can be very overwhelming so offering support for patients can really brighten their day. Certain places in Alberta have realized the importance of helping the patients not only with treatment but with moral support. What livestrong has already done is being continued by these people in Alberta.

Another article, posted on CTV news states that hundreds of Montreal citizens showed up to Concordia to help save a child. They were asked to swab there cheek to join a bone marrow registry in order to find a match for this girl. She was diagnosed with a life-threatening blood disease which they wish to cure with a bone marrow transplant. The family was very content with the turnout. This relates to the livestrong foundation because they are working to find a cure and are also supporting the patients at the same time. These people who turned up are trying to help those who need it, it is truly supporting for the little girl who needs it.  This little girl needs a transplant desperately and these people are showing her that there is hope. By having such a phenomenal turn out can really boost the little girl’s spirits showing her that she can get better. Trying to show patients that life can get better is something that the livestrong foundation does by supporting their patients as well.


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