The First Lady is taking the world by storm

by sandrinedoucet on April 21, 2013 - 10:44pm

In the past few months I have been studying the public health system in Canada as well as in the United States. When the time comes to choose a person who has impacted the public health system the first answer that comes to mind is the government. This brought me to realize that if other people tried to make a change in people’s lives and motivate them to be healthier, the government would have less sick people to deal with. The only fact of having a healthier population will in itself enhance the quality of the health system in America. With that in mind, I have chosen Michelle Obama, the First Lady, as the person who makes a difference. Michelle Obama has been working on improving kid’s health, her main goal is to change the mindset of kids across America to help them make better choices and be healthier. She is determined to help families across America have access to healthy food at reasonable prices. Her foundation, Let’s Move, wants to raise a healthier generation of kids. Her efforts have been relentless; she travels across the country to raise awareness and funds. The improvements she has brought to many are impressive, for example, she has convinced the media giant Disney to advertise only foods considered healthy according to federal standards, 1.7 million kids across America have been able to be part of athletic programs, various businesses have committed to fund people with low-income levels in order for them to eat healthier. The complete list of her achievements can be found on the website of her foundation. What she has done is very impressive and really does change the lives of many. Her approach on health is refreshing and achievable, raising a healthier young generation will lead to a healthier older generation who will raise their own children with their mindset and possibly lead to a healthier America.

There are tremendous amounts of research to show how unhealthy America is. They all focus on obesity, malnutrition, heart diseases, etc. The American Heart Association did the most revealing study in my opinion; their results are clear and enlightening. Here are some alerting facts, 23.9 million children between 9 and 18 years old are overweight or obese, among the 20 years and older, 154.7 million are overweight or obese, this leads to excess health care costs of 254 billion dollars.

Obesity isn’t caused by one particular reason, there’s various answers concerning the obesity pandemic. Eating bad is cheap, fast foods are easily accessible, it’s easy to think a product is healthy when it really isn’t. The list is almost endless. The good news is that there also is a very long list of organizations who are fighting to counter this epidemic. Organization try to change the mindset of Americans, motivate them to eat healthier, to get more physical exercise, to change their lifestyle.

Having looked at all the negative facts on health across America but also at the positive impacts organizations have on the lives of many make me realize I could possibly see myself working in this field in the future. Working towards the goal of having a healthier population who makes great choices is inspiring, and the results must really give a sense of self-accomplishment. Teaching a young kid to make better choices early in life will lead him to have a healthy attitude for a lifetime.

Michelle Obama really is a great inspiration, she changes the lives of many and encourages others to do the same. Here are two articles where we can see how positively she impacts the population of America everyday.


This article interested me in particular because I had no idea that Michelle Obama had an organization. I did not realize she had put so much effort into helping people for a purpose that she truly believes in. It really is important that health gets under control because obesity is a serious problem that seems to continue to increase. I think it’s brilliant that she went to Disney for help, most children do look up to that compay and are influenced by what they see. By tackling one of the most loved companies it can really help children get healthier. The first lady is also an influential person so by having her show interest in getting America healthier other people will follow in her footsteps as well. Like stated in the article, eating junk food is a lot less expensive, by giving people with low incomes a way to eat healthier it can also help tackle a large issue. I feel that she hit the right points in order to help and that her idea was very well thought out. She truly is inspiring to be working so hard to make sure her country is healthier.

Not only is the First Lady only helping with health, she is also speaking out on issues that have been haunting the United States for quite some time; gun control. At a school in Chicago she spoke about how gun violence is greatly affecting the youth in their nation. She also mentioned that Barrack Obama is working hard to pass a reform to protect children from gun violence. This is seen in an article posted on startribune on April 10th. Not only is this women working hard to improve the health of her country she is also trying to emphasize the importance of gun control for the safety of people in her nation.

I agree, she is a truly inspiring women and it’s wonderful to see that she can inspire even those who live in a different country than her own. I think you did a really great job with this post and it was definitely informing!