Charles Bruneau: A strong and courageous child

by mouna8 on April 21, 2013 - 8:11pm

The person that I think has made a difference on children suffering from cancer in Canada is Charles Bruneau. He was born in 1975 and was diagnosed with leukemia in 1979 at four years old. Charles Bruneau has tried to fight cancer during his entire life. He was a courageous child that kept saying “When I grow up, I will be cured!”. This quote became a message of hope for all children suffering from cancer in Canada and especially in Quebec. Even though Charles had cancer, he remained a child that was always happy and positive about being cured one day. It is the reason why every other sick children see him as a courageous model that never gave up. On March 9th1988, at the age of 13 years olds, Charles Bruneau passed away. Because of his perseverance in trying to fight cancer, the foundation “Fondation Centre de cancérologie Charles-Bruneau” was created to help children like him to keep believing that they are strong and that they might have a chance to be cured. His father Pierre Bruneau, who is also a journalist for Radio-Canada, has also been working with the association “Leucan”, which is an organisation helping parents having children suffering from leukemia. He became the president of this association, held many conferences and revealed to medias his son’s story to give hope to sick children. Later on, Pierre Bruneau published a biography of his son.

In my opinion, it is evident to see that he was a symbol of strength and courage for children that are suffering from cancer since he never gave up. Also, many schools and parks are named Charles Bruneau in his honor. I think that there might be volunteering opportunities for this association since it involves sick children, so it might be interesting. Leukemia is a cancer that has now 85% of chances to be cured compared to 1979 with 35%. However, different cases of leukemia exists and depending on the type, the chances to cure the cancer differ.

I found an article in the Montreal Gazette that is quite interesting. It is about a little girl of four years old named Jayden Roll that have a blood disorder that generally leads to leukemia. The little girl needs a bone-marrow transplant to stay alive. Her parents had used Facebook and Twitter to find a compatible donor. A drive was made by Stephanie Kligman to aware people about this kind of disease and to help the family to keep hoping for the best. A lot of people volunteered for the drive, which brought comfort to the family. According to me, the more people get involve in organisations to volunteer or to help people in need, the more they feel that there is still hope for them to cure and the more positive they are. 


I really love how you describe Charles Bruneau. You are right; he really is a form of inspiration for children battling cancer. The most interesting part of his story is how is family is still fighting for children who battle cancer. It wasn’t just another tragedy; his parents are still involved with organizations such as Leucan. You mention there are volunteer opportunities with this organization, there is, here is a link to my volunteering post where I describe how you can become a volunteer for Leucan.

Your post focuses on cancer among children, I suggest you to check my post, it regards obesity among children, and the person making a difference in my case is Michelle Obama.  Thank you for your post I really enjoyed reading it.