Brittany McMillan – Founder of Spirit Day

by NathalieG on April 21, 2013 - 10:19pm

Spirit Day happens in October every year since 2010 and encourages people to wear purple to show their support for gay rights.  In 2010, the first year of the event, 2 million people participated in it and 3 million did the next year.  Celebrities such as Shay Mitchell form Pretty Little Liars and Diana Agron from Glee were ambassadors for the day and others such as the group fun. took part in it in 2012.

Brittany McMillan founded Spirit Day in 2010 after hearing about many gay teenagers committing suicide because of bullying through social media.  Being in high school at the time, she wanted to show her support for the issue.  Something that majorly affected her was people using the word “gay” to say “stupid” and although she had explained to people that it was wrong, Spirit Day actually got her classmates to care and understand why it was.  She thought people wouldn’t pay that much attention to the event, but she was wrong.  She says in an article on that she has noticed a difference in the people she knows since she started Spirit Day and that many are more open with who they are.  The day helps LGBTQ people see that many others around them would support when they come out.

When I was researching who to do this article on, I thought I would write about a celebrity, but I was really impressed by how this girl who was younger than me made a huge difference.  Having 3 million people take part in this event has a huge impact on LGBTQ people who are debating coming out.  It really shows them how much support they have.  Having gone though depression, Brittany McMillan knew how painful it was, and unlike most her age, decided to take action on her own.  She is truly inspiring and more teenagers should take initiative like she did.

In 2013, Spirit Day will take place on October 17th.  I will surly take part in it and hope others around me will too.


“I am only one; but still I am one.  I cannot do everthing, but still I can do something; I will not refuse to do something I can do.”   ―     Helen Keller

It is amazing that an ordinary girl had such a significant impact on an issue that controversial in our society and even managed to get celebrities to participate. What I find is even more incredible is the fact that even though she did not have any special status like being a celebrity, she succeeded to draw attention to the gay community’s cause. One of the news I have posted discussed Obama’s support for gay people and their right to equality. While his support for that community impacted how people think of gay people in part due to his status, McMillan succeeded to draw attention to that cause without that status, but with her own strength and belief that she could somehow bring some changes and that is truly remarkable.

I really liked reading your post since this issue, I find, is really interesting and I always try to understand more and more what people facing these kinds of situations, such as suicide, are going through. In my opinion, Brittany McMillan is a wonderful person for being able to make such a difference in her society. The fact that she did an amazing act for a cause that is still not fully accepted in societies and also that she did not do this to become famous, only makes it even more admirable from my point of view, but for the purpose of just trying to change things and help others. Honestly, we need more people like her in every society. The sort of people who would fight for each other, for equality. She deserves all the respect she is getting and more.