by Ceilek on December 11, 2015 - 10:40am


Free trade has played a key role in bringing the world to its current state of prosperity. However, it has been adapted one to many times. The US government has decided that it is the world's superpowers job to force other nations into a deal that could ultimately destroy them and benefit the US greatly. This is especially true when there is nobody to tell the US what to do. The US can sign all the treaties and agreements it wants but when it comes down to it, who is there to enforce them? This is the key issue with the world and why we need something new. Well.. New may not be the word since the have been advocates for it for a very long time. This “it” is what is known as Fair trade. Not the coffee label that green mountain Coffee Roasters is so proud of, but a much larger version. It hopes to raise the workers living wages and living conditions in countries around the globe.

So how does all of this relate to the TPP. Right now, the TPP “strengthens Government trade barriers... supports monopolies… [and] stifle[s] competition.” All three of these things are in direct conflict with what the idea of “free trade” is supposed to mean. So what is this deal really about? is it about helping the people? well in that case it would not support monopolies. Bringing about free trade? In that case it would reduce trade barriers not increase them. Support other countries? Then it would not stifle them. SO what we really see here is not an agreement to help equalize the world but one to encourage the American ideal, “Those who get on top stay.” Citizens see hundreds of articles titled “how to get on top and stay there,” and yet only 8% of american men moved from the bottom to the top. (nytimes)

So what is really the problem? The way I see it is that Free trade is not bad, the people supporting it are. In the modern day, to many people manipulate the american citizen into thinking that deals like the TPP and promote fair trade when in reality they take it and hide it behind so many costumes that it forgets what it really stands for. And then on top of that, politicians ignore the idea of fair trade. This policy would help bring countries like the DPRC from a 70% poverty rate to a reasonable country. When you combine these two systems, you get a country that pays decent wages and is competitive on the global market.