Response to and Thoughts around the TPP and Global Free Trade

by Ben Maksym on December 11, 2015 - 10:42am

In general, I believe that Neo-liberalism is a net negative for the world as a whole. It causes massive fluctuations in the world’s economy, increases poverty in developing nations by helping to foster competition and monopolies, and is, for the moment, really only working for the benefit of the United States, and even then only for the benefit of a small few. Menial workers still have to worry about production being outsourced overseas for cheaper pay, while those overseas have to worry about degradation of their lives and values and not being able to feed their families. In all, it is not what the world needs, and it should not be what the world wants. The invisible hand cannot act fairly when one country (the United States) is cheating, and subsidizing its businesses for more profit.


If I were to edit the TPP, I’d add in a few safeguards. Firstly, I’d try to make sure that the wellbeing of the workers came first, as opposed to profits without end or trading partnerships. Human rights violations would mean that tariffs would be brought against participating countries, and if the US economy has issues, so be it. Workers overseas especially would have to be protected, as would their cultures and smaller businesses; US owned companies should not be able to move their businesses about as they please; they should be taxed for going overseas, and vice-versa. The government should also step in again in order to protect not only people, but the environment as well. Sanctions should be in place against nations that disrupt the global environment with their businesses, or perhaps, against businesses specifically; if they can be considered people, and use governments in the TPP, why not have the USA heavily tax imports from companies overseas? The country would make a massive profit, and the money would no longer be in the hands of the few, but rather, it would be recirculated into the hands of the people.