Race Unit Reflection

by Lasker on February 4, 2016 - 9:51am

Alex Lasker Mark Cline-Lucey Social Studies 2 February 2016 Racial issues have always existed throughout history, being bad enough as to one race enslaving another. These tensions and issues have been fought, and denounced by multiple different races. The biggest movement in the United States history is the Civil Rights Movement, which lasted nearly ten years. The movement started small, then grew to be big enough to influence laws regarding segregation and racial oppression. The things changed during the Civil Rights Movement included equality on buses, where black men and women would not be required by law to give up their seats to white men and women, another thing changed during the Civil Rights Movement was that black men and women were allowed to vote. These changes would not have happened if the Civil Rights Movement didn’t fight for them. Overall the racial relations in the United States have not changed for the better, in fact, it seems they are beginning to get worse again, since all over the United States, people of color are being oppressed by their local law enforcement, escalating to points where an officer will kill a person of color, and will walk away from it without prosecution. These law enforcement problems have escalated into a movement called Black Lives Matter, where people of color are again having to fight for not only their lives, but for respect as well. The issues covered in the topic have varied, covering current affairs, and affairs that happened forty to fifty years ago. Personally, my views on the topic have not changed, I still think it is wrong to oppress anyone, and I feel that the Civil Rights Movement did a terrific thing, in which they not only helped their race, but they helped better the United States. My thoughts also lead me to believe that racial tensions are beginning to get worse again, as they did fifty years ago, where we currently have people of color getting gunned down by the very people who are supposed to be their to protect them, the issue at hand is a big one, and if not dealt with soon, the United States will be facing another civil rights battle.


I agree, but do you think the civil rights movement ever ended, or can ever end? Although 1968 is the year attributed to the end of the civil rights movement, African Americans were still at the bottom of the social hierarchy, and had less oppurtunities. How can we continue the movement for racial equality and do you think it can ever be achieved?

I think that the Civil Rights Movement never ended, however it has changed and it became the Black Lives Matter Movement. Even after the Civil Rights Movement ended, people of color were still at a disadvantage, and this makes the movement unable to end since their is still racism present, we can see this in many statistics, and personally I believe that we most likely will never achieve equality, since we refuse to give up some power.