Is Free trade a good thing?

by jakeweissgold on December 11, 2015 - 10:38am


Is Free Trade a Good Thing?

In my opinion the liberalization of trade networks across the world is a good thing, it forces countries to focus on its best exports, therefore increasing technological development, and also increasing the quality of goods across the globe. For example if the US was forced to stop making cars, because it couldn't compete in an international scale, the countries who do produce large amounts of the cars that we drive here in the US would be able to run their business while the US had been forced to start focusing more on corn/agricultural exports because that's what we're already good at. If we are trying to increase the number of jobs, bringing more and more industry into this country we are giving people more chance to get a job, but people are losing job security because if the product that the company someone works for makes low quality products that are more expensive, because they are produced in America, is competing with a high quality inexpensive product from China, then the American company will eventually not be able to compete with the chinese company. Conversely the job security of working in a mass corn producer is high because the American corn industry is so successful.

If trade liberalization is to occur, I think that countries agreeing on these trade deals should be considerate of the environment, and monopolization of business and protection of companies against fraud/theft of intellectual property. The world needs to be a safe place for small business but also does not need to baby these small companies. The world needs to be able to trade freely to support these small business, because this opens up potential buyers globally, rather than just limiting them to the country they preside in. If there is protectionist attitudes towards things like food, then we do not get exposed to food from other countries because it is so expensive. We should be able to eat whatever we please whenever we want it. Market Liberalism creates the environment to move forward, and not be stuck in our past, sure it gives the advantage to big business, but big businesses are held to higher standards than small business because there is less room for error. In the end we all benefit from big business because it keeps us healthy and safe.


Will asking participating nations to "be considerate of the environment" be effective? What does the COP21 experience show us?

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