Combating Harsh Work Life With Coca-Cola

by JapaneseYen on February 9, 2017 - 4:00pm

            The Coca-Cola Hello Happiness ad campaign works to help connect laborers within the United Arab Emirates with their far away families. Despite attempting to increase their quality of life, Coca-Cola’s large focus is that of gaining profits rather than social change.

With the telephone booths, rather than having to pay to use the phone with money, the booth accepts Coca-Cola bottle caps. Instead of leveraging the journey of leaving home for a better life by the workers, in traveling to the United Arab Emirates to make little money, to bring change, Coca-Cola chose to benefit from the situation. In this occurrence they could have provided a bigger change to the life of the workers, potentially changing laws to provide better pay and protection. Although Coca-Cola still attempts to bring change as the price would be less than that of operating a regular telephone booth, the company is still striving to increase brand recognition within these minority groups (Digital Synopsis).

Furthermore, working within different ethical frameworks to achieve the best solution, utilitarianism shows to be the most beneficial. Said framework works by regarding everyone as equals, and striving for the most happiness for everyone. This would insure that rather than having a phonebooth be operated with bottlecaps another measure could have been worked toward that would bring the greatest improvement to the quality of life. From the perspective of an ethical rationalist a solution could not have even been worked toward. The framework consists of viewing culture and ethics as the same, and allows cultures to work their issues out within their community, while blocking intervention from outside sources. Therefore, the Coca-Cola campaign would have not even been implemented, thus not drawing some attention to the issue. Furthermore, as is, the culture is limiting the laborers. Working within virtue ethics also prevents a more beneficial result to be made, as the laborers are already attempting to maximize their virtues. Any outside force that would wanna help would also be limited since the framework operates on improving the self virtues which then improves society. Depending on the views of the culture within the United Arab Emirates will determine how much help will be given. If the culture regards helping others to be highly virtues a change will come; as the employers will attempt to improve their quality of life.

Therefore, utilitarianism would bring the best change, as it will bring the most happiness to the most people, greatly increasing the worker's life. Which is the best resolution of the dilemma, to improve the quality of life of the workers, via either increasing pay or job opportunities within their home country.


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