Say Hi to Mari Jane!

by JayWest on February 5, 2015 - 11:29pm

The legalization of marijuana is a topic at the centre of great discussion in the media world at the moment as certain states in the United States have legalized pot. I believe without any hesitation that marijuana has to be legalized because it would benefit the greater of good of the american population for several reasons. A simple reason is the fact that in society we have allowed harmful products such as alcohol which is dubbed to be more harmful that pot and tobacco that causes cancer and kills people while as marijuana is illegal in 48 states and it can be used as treatment to cure cancer according to an article in the Entrepreneur. In fact, for the greater good of society, marijuana has to be legalized like alcohol and tobacco who are really harmful, and let the people make a choice between what they prefer because they will instinctively, in the natural state of the world choose what makes them happy over what brings them pain and choose what would bring happiness to society as a whole as the human is a social animal and inadvertently acts on behalf of the greater good of its group. Furthermore, marijuana is a drug that is nothing less but a another vessel that creates pleasure and diminishes pain as it harms people to a minimal degree and limits pain to patients of cancer, people suffering from bodily pains, it reduces stress and anxiety which leads to a greater good of happiness over pain. Further, another one of those reasons being the fact that only in the first month of recreational sale of pot in January 2014, the state of Colorado made $3.5million in tax revenue and at the end of 2014 a sum of about $40million according to Forbes. The greater good of the legalization of marijuana in this case is that the extra tax money that the state of Colorado receives is invested into educational infrastructure such as schools where people can learn and interact with other which contributes to the intellectual pleasure of one being and society as a whole. In addition, by legalizing pot, tax payers will see and benefit from a tax cut as the state is making sufficient money to cover its expenses which benefits the majority, not to say all, the society by maximizing happiness of having more money at the end of the year and minimizing pain by reducing tax burden. Now, marijuana should be legalized because it procures many more benefits than the only two I have discussed about and the fact that we live in a social engine where the groups in which we interact act all together in a goal oriented way,  people in society will work to what is pleasurable and that is, the legalization of marijuana, but remember what we should do and what we actually do are the same at the ultimate end. 


I agree that marijuana should be legalized. I had not previously considered the issue from an economic perspective, as you do here. I agree with your argument that the government could put the money from marijuana sale toward public services, thus satisfying the utilitarian summum bonum of producing the greatest good for society.
I feel that your argument could be strengthened by considering the effects of the drug on its users. While marijuana may be an effective treatment for certain medical conditions, its effects on recreational users are more likely to be negative, both in the short and long term. In rationalism, an action is considered ethical if the intention is good. Legalization does not violate the categorical imperative since society would not break down if everyone smoked weed. However, if the government’s goal is to make money, Kantian ethics would frown upon legalization. This is true even if, as you suggest, society ultimately benefits.
I also feel that utilitarianism is more appropriate in this situation; however, I believe this because of what legalization would do from a social perspective. Granted, marijuana may have moderate negative effects on its regular users, which is why it is illegal. But let’s face it: it’s pretty easy to obtain and to consumer without getting caught. Considering the government’s abysmal failure at shielding citizens from it, the least they can do is to regulate its distribution. This would provide quality control, help keep it away from minors and avoid incriminating users or dealers. Your post could benefit from a more comprehensive analysis of these issues.

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