The "Queen" avoids the main issue

by mg.2323 on April 2, 2015 - 4:39pm

Lori Greiner, the Queen of QVC and “sharkette” on the hit show Shark Tank, never pictures herself as a women in business. “Gender doesn’t factor in.,” she says. Does this have something to do with the common stereotype that women are not as powerful as men and she avoids the whole debate by taking the gender out of it?  This discrimination of women in the business world still exists but is slowly deteriorating over time. More and more women are being put in positions of power such as American Apparel fired a male CEO and replaced him with a female CEO Paula Schnieder. The idea of taking the gender out of it disregards the whole debate of equality of men and women in the workforce, which then leads to the representations of equality as not being important. This ethical issue has been a topic of discussion for decades and is constantly reoccurring.

            The media throughout the course of history has depicted that women are inferior to men and has left mislead the population to believe that this is true. In certain cases, women are more qualified the men… this does not refer to cleaning the house but in the workforce. I am not a feminist but a strong believer in equal rights and freedoms. ‘This is going to be harder because I’m a woman.’ Lori says not to think of things this way of you’re a woman looking to advance in your career but why does she then disregard herself as being a women in business?  

            In my opinion, this is a false way of approaching this topic. Lori should say something to the effect of, that she is proud to be a woman in the position she is in and considers herself a strong woman in business. “You’re on a mission and you are a person in business. Not a woman in business. Ever.” Lori avoids the topic of gender completely by taking the gender out of by replacing female with “person”. Does she do this because she acts “manly” or acts in ways stereotypically like males would in the work place?

            I have taken many business courses, some taught by men, some by women, masters in their fields, and never has it been wrong to be a male or female. The media has portrayed women to be inferior by choosing males over females throughout the course of history to fill high-ranking positions in companies such as CEO’s, Chairmen, etc.…  but that trend has began to change. Like American Apparel, an increasingly number of companies have hired or promoted women to higher-ranking positions that enable them to have power of others and make huge decisions such as huge international players like IBM, Hewlett-Packard, PepsiCo. Inc., Oracle, and many more.

            Lori’s approach to this topic is not totally wrong, in my opinion, but t does lack a type of motivational spirit that some woman she is trying to inspire may need in order to push through the typical stereotypes of women versus men in the workplace.  Gender is the whole foundation of this debate and by her saying these things tends to make me believe that she is avoiding the topic of gender-discrimination and just focusing on the motivation of accomplishing something.  


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