An old story retold

by Eona on April 7, 2015 - 3:26pm

Despite the fact that we are now in 2015, some of the backwardness of the previous decades still remains; as proof, abortion is still a touchy subject for many people. Indeed, the debate about banning abortion is still far from over. Over the years, a “pro-choice” view of abortion in which the mother should be able to determine whether she wants to keep the child or not, has gradually taken over the society. But, at the same time another “pro-life” group claim that life of a foetus no matter how young is still a living being and no one has the right to decide for the life or death of others. The debate between the two parties never really ended and new arguments are being constantly brought on the tableon whether abortion should be legal.

Even though some people, especially those who are deeply religious, affirm that abortion is in all ways similar to murder, since life begins at conception no matter the circumstances of the conception, killing a foetus is like killing a full ledged person. Yet, the usefulness of abortion is completely denied following this logic. For example, a study from the University of California at San Francisco has discovered a direct link from unwanted pregnancy to unemployment and domestic abuse. If we think in an utilitarian way, abortion should definitively not be banned, since it benefits to so many women and gives them the opportunity having a better life. Besides, not all babies are conceived in a loving context, so why an unwanted child should be born, if it is only to cause pain for both the mother and the child him or herself.  

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