Abortion: A Woman's Choice

by pinkarizona on February 11, 2015 - 11:11am

Abortion is an issue that causes controversy and frustration among many people. There are many different groups of people that have their own opinions. More religious people tend to be against abortion whereas non-religious people tend to be pro-abortion. Although this topic is discussed often, the general population has a hard time agreeing its morality. As a pure and applied student, I have the chance to apply into the medical field so I think it is important to discuss the ethical implications of such a procedure.

The arguments that are against abortions are deontological seeing as they are based independently on the action of aborting rather than the consequence. The most common argument used is that abortion is considered murder (Lowen). Since some religious people believe that life starts at the moment of conception, aborting the fetus would just be killing a human (Lowen). In this argument, the act of the abortion is the main focus. They do not question the consequences that could result from not aborting a child or what effects there could be on a woman’s life if she keeps her child.

The arguments that are pro-abortion are teleological seeing as they focus on the consequences rather than just the action itself. One of the arguments used is that abortion is not in fact a viable option (Lowen). “Statistics show that very few women who give birth choose to give up their babies - less than 3% of white unmarried women and less than 2% of black unmarried women” (Lowen). In this argument, the consequences are actually addressed and they also give proof that adoption is not as easy of a solution as some may make it out to be. Another argument that is often made is that taking away the right to have an abortion is taking away the ability for a woman to control her body (Lowen). Rather than focusing on the action of abortion itself, the implication of taking this choice away from women is being examined.

A solution that I believe can help us move towards an end to this discussion is focusing on women’s rights. If we can all first understand that a child is created by, carried by, and given birth to by a woman then we can see that it is entirely her decision what she chooses to do with the organism that is growing within her. A woman should be able to have her own beliefs on whether she should keep her child or not, whether it is based on religion or just her personal outlook on life. We should focus on the mental wellness on the living before we think about those that have not even been born.


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I fully agree with you! I never liked the backwards thinking that a woman should be plagued by a pregnancy she did not want to go through. I like how your arguments consider the impacts of not aborting versus the impacts of doing so.e

Hypothetically, if I got pregnant, I would be very reluctant to even keep the baby, considering I still have so much do go in terms of education. Furthermore, I don't have the means to raise a child, nor do I have the time to do so. My parents could not support a child, so I would be left to a) abort or b) put the child up for adoption.
Option A is quick, effective and allows me to forget about the whole ordeal.
Option B involves me having to carry the baby, gain weight (and possibly have stretch marks), take time off from school due to the physical restrictions brought on by being pregnant and I would have to go through the trouble of putting the child up for adoption. On top of that, I am not guaranteed that the child will be happy with his/her adoptive family. Not to mention that if I am in the US, or many other countries lacking free healthcare, I am bound to encounter a plethora of medical bills and potential complications are bound to raise the cost. Why does it have to be that complicated?
Those who oppose abortion always argue that one can keep the baby or simply put the child up for adoption, but as I just explained, those aren't realistic solutions.

An abortion is fast, efficient and is not as physically and financially debilitating as going through the pregnancy.

I strongly agree with your arguments. I also do believe that abortion should be the mother’s decision; however, she does need to have a good reason for it. Abortion shouldn’t always be the answer, but if the woman got pregnant because she was sexually assaulted, I believe she shouldn’t be forced to keep the baby if she didn’t want to. The solution that you proposed was really interesting; saying how we should take into consideration the women’s rights. I found this link (http://www.bbc.co.uk/ethics/abortion/mother/for_1.shtml) that I think you should take a look at, I believe that if you add this to your article, it would then back-up your argument/solution and also, solidify your position on women’s rights when it comes to abortion.

I am in complete agreement with you! There are tons of societal pressures put on women and about abortions and like you said, this topic has been talked about so much that people don't seem to be listening anymore.
If a women is the one giving birth and does not feel adequate or does not believe to have the means in order to care for the child than it should be her choice. I think most people tend to get involved in areas they do not need to be. I know of a woman that decided to abort the fetus as she didn't feel she was ready. It wasn't necessarily in her best interest but that of the child's. People tend to judge those who contemplate abortion because they feel it to be selfish, however, it is a long and enduring process. When one decides to get an abortion they go through so much psychological frustration, as well it is mandatory that one talks to a counselor to make sure they are truly making the choice they want.
Adoption is an option, however, like you said many people do not realize how hard that can be on a person. My friend was adopted and though she loves her family very much, one can tell that her biological parents are in the back of her mind. She'll make small comments that make it seem like she's joking, however, adoption is not only hard for the mother giving up the child, but the child questioning her sense of being wanted.
This is a touchy subject and one that has been talked about often but I like how you brought into it the way to look at it on both perspectives as well as your science background and interest in this topic.

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