Slaughtering animals in order to "satisfied our need"

by blackjaguar7 on September 15, 2015 - 8:18am

vvvSlaughtering animals in order to “satisfied our needs “

Let me ask you something, must we have to kill animals in order to survive? It’s that indispensable? .
Humans being are the supreme race on earth therefore we must try hard to be rational in our decisions when it comes to take care of mother earth (it is our duty). Lack of consideration and morality ethics for animal’s life and their feelings will be the argument in this complex topic. This lecture will pick out some specific topics, as animal slavery for humans being’s entertainment, the health benefits of giving up meat for the planet and egoist agribusiness. Consequently I will defend these statements and support them with deontological ethics.

The good intentions and good actions is what defines us as responsible and caring human beings, therefore if we act rational and in good faith, most probably the outcome will be satisfactory and beneficial for the planet, without forgetting that nature plays an important role when it comes to the outcome but we can not change that. Every species is born with freedom, it is our most precious gift (life) and in return we need to take care of the mother earth, unfortunately some irrationals humans beings take advantage of animal life with one goal in mind, make lots of money therefore circuses and bullfights are some of the main examples, (a deontology approach), it’s definitely a violation to own a wildlife animal under captivity for lucrative business. 
It’s meat necessary in order to be healthy?
This questions has been circulating for years creating a lot of different opinions and defending different arguments (to eat meat or to do not eat meat), here is a fun fact, meat isn’t necessary in order to be healthy in fact we need to avoid meat, according to Dr. Michael Greger and his website which is a reliable source of information. “Eating vegetarian also has been positively associated with less disease, surgery, and medication use, fewer allergies, and improved lung function in COPD (emphysema) patients. A plant-based diet truly may be the best investment for our health.” (1).
Let’s not be carried away by the reptilian brain who lead us to satisfied our cravings without thinking on the actions and consequences, consequently we need to be rational when it comes to take decisions, so here is a win-to-win solution that will help us to be healthy and the same time to keep high values ethics. Reducing or eliminating meat consumption would greatly help our health as mention before but also we would make a tremendous contribution to the planet and to the animals for a better living and better planet.

Good will and good actions will lead us to be rational in our decisions even though the outcome is not always what we expect because accidents may happen but the important part is that we will have a good actions and decision for the rule of life and fulfill our duty with our planet. If you believe in animal freedom, so you may understand why I am backing up this important discussion. “meat” by Dr. Michael Greger  (1) 




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