Natural Disasters

by koalabear on October 7, 2016 - 3:35pm

In the article “Hurricane Matthew death toll spikes to more than 280; Haiti devastated”, Pierre Richard Luxama and David Mcfadden discuss the extreme impact that Hurricane Matthew has caused thus far. Luxama and Mcfadden state that “Haiti’s death toll jumped late Thursday after rescue crews began reaching remote corners cut off when Hurricane Matthew slammed into the country’s southwest peninsula, the first Category 4 storm to hit Haiti in more than a half century.” The article then goes on to how discuss how as the storm rages on, the death toll is continuing to rise as mayors and officials are reporting the numbers. “Devastation is everywhere,” said Pilus Enor, mayor of the town of Camp Perrin. “Every house has lost its roof. All the plantations have been destroyed. …This is the first time we see something like this.”  With Haiti being classified as the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, they aren’t equally as equipped as the United States who is also facing Hurricane Matthew.  The Hurricane has also led to people experiencing a hunger crisis with hardly any sources of clean water or food. The article explains how the little food that people did have has been washed away leaving them with nothing.  Luxama and Mcfadden state “Interior Minister Francois Anick Joseph said food and water were urgently needed, noting that crops had been levelled, wells inundated by seawater and some water treatment facilities destroyed.”  Another issue that Haitians may face is the possibility of cholera breaking out due to the intense flooding. Cholera can lead to people becoming fatally ill.  There are international aid groups that are appealing for donations in order to help those in need. U.S. military personnel are reportedly delivering food and water to areas that were hit the hardest.

This article clearly reports on how a developing country like Haiti suffers in unexplainable ways when facing natural disasters.  As a reader, we can analyze the information in this article with the knowledge and topics we discussed in class with Dr. Robin Roth. Although there are many topics that fall under the main idea of resource management, some that come to mind after reading this article are state and risk.  As discussed in one of the lectures, resource management is not just something a state does, it is part of what creates and maintains a state. As Haiti is facing Hurricane Matthew, many of their residents are living in extreme poverty and relying on the state to provide them with aid. Haiti’s plantations have been destroyed and with Haiti being in such a vulnerable state, the resources they do have are going to be spread very thin in order to help as many people as possible. The government is under pressure and relying on foreign aid to help its residents. The reality is that “Haiti’s government has estimated at least 350,000 people need some kind of assistance” and that the state is in an extremely difficult situation.


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