Canadas attempt to mitigating climate change

by mbarre03 on November 24, 2016 - 2:04pm


           Climate change has become increasingly more important in the last decade. New innovative and experimental approaches are coming out every year in attempts to mitigate the harmful effects it creates. In the article listed below, it provides an outline of a plan the Canadian governments federal officials and provincial leaders are imposing to reduce green house gas emissions in Canada and shift our energy sector to 90% clean energy. What they are imposing to do is phase our provinces reliance on coal energy, which is a major producer of carbon emissions, and switch to sustainable energy sources such as, wind, hydro, and nuclear. They plan to have this shift mostly situated by the year 2030. Trudeau and provincial officials have decided to take a cap and trade, and a carbon tax approach to assist in the finances to make this shift as well as influences companies to switch to green energy.  While looking through the lens of adaptive management from B. Mitchel  in Resource and Environmental Management in Canada: Addressing Conflict and Uncertainty , he states “Management is then a treatment, in the experimental sense”( chp, 4), for this approach to reducing carbon emissions there is no ultimate way of knowing if this will pan out the way we wish it would, our only hope is it will make some positive impact and we can adapt our policies to improve our goal and results.

            I think the approach discussed in the article truly is an effective means of mitigating the effects of greenhouse gasses in Canada and at the very least is a crucial first step. Climate change has massive implications on the environment and resource management, anywhere from decrease precipitation and temperature increase which affects agriculture, increased storm even severity which has been seen to develop forest fires as seen in Calgary which impacts forestry, and many more. In the scope of Canada these issues are massive considering Canada is a staple economy, that relies on the natural resources we produce and export. If the yield of resources, we produce decreases due to climate change we as a nation take a hit. Taking the approach of a cap and trade or carbon tax is an efficient means of mitigation especially in Canada as we are a developed nation and have the financial stability to implement these systems effectively. Touching on the work of B. Mitchell again he states “policy and management actions should be treated as deliberate experiments... to monitor and evaluate the outcomes in order to refine policies and actions as new knowledge and understanding are gained” (Mitchell p87), which is exactly the situation we are dealing with the only way of knowing if a approach will be truly successful Is attempting it and changing its components where necessary.  Resource and environmental management is a crucial policy we need to focus on especially as the effects of global climate change become increasingly more evident.


Mitchell, B. (2015). Resource and environmental management in Canada: Addressing conflict and uncertainty (5th ed.). Toronto: Oxford University Press.