Air Pollution In China and The World

by will.2626 on October 7, 2016 - 12:29pm

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Air Pollution in China and The World

              Choosing to eat poorly and not drinking enough water can be harmful to your health but what happens when you don’t get a choice in what you are consuming. Everyone has heard or read about China’s super polluted air in the National Geographic and pictures on the internet but the actual deaths from this problem is staggeringly high. At 1 million deaths last year due to air pollution China tops the World Health Organisation’s list for deadliest outdoor air pollution. In 2012 outdoor air pollution killed approximately 3 million people worldwide making China a third of the amount. The WHO has created a list of total deaths and deaths per 100,000 capita, putting into perspective total losses but also at what rate. While China tops for total losses Ukraine tops the chart for deaths per 100,000 capita with 120 and a total of 54,507. It seems as though there is a pattern with eastern Europe all the way through to China having a higher death per 100,000. Canada is known for its environmentalism and its great outdoors still having 1886 total and 5 deaths per 100,000 capita it is ranked one of the better countries.

              Sixteen scientists conducted studies using data from 3000 locations with ground, modelling and satellite readings. They were looking for particle matter that were 2.5 microns in size to determine the amount of exposure to them. These are known as PM2.5s and are the most common source of death through air pollution. 92% of people around the globe live with a higher concentration of these particles at WHO limits of 10 micrograms per cubic metre. And the list for highest deaths per 100,000 starts with Ukraine but then continues through eastern European countries and old Soviet States into Russia.

              This pattern across eastern Europe and Asia is most likely due to the increase of industrialism and the lack of environmental monitoring in each country. At this rate it will only be getting worse and it wont just affect the countries adding to the pollution but also the neighbouring countries that could have easily been trying to avoid it. Canada and Scandinavian countries are doing the best for results and for future planning, France being the one most ahead. But with such resources in China and Russia It boggles the mind to think there is such little environmental monitoring and conservation. There needs to be more regulation of car and coal use and production to immediately reduce as much air pollution as we can.


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