Is Capital Punishment A Good Sentence?

by ajutras on September 18, 2015 - 10:23am

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The author is against capital punishment. She presents a situation that happened in China, where two drugs dealers were shot in front of 30, 000 spectators. Usually, people tend to say the death penalty is the right sentence so she states further on, the fact that the two men did not harm anyone and they had just sold illegal substances. Her main arguments are that the death penalty is unethical (in many ways), that innocent people can be killed and that it is nothing more than an act of revenge. Even in the case of major crimes, she says people should get locked up for the rest of their lives instead of being killed.


In my opinion, the author is totally right. I believe human life is sacred, and our society shouldn’t go back to the law of retaliation. I also appreciatehow she dealt with the mental issues concerning the viewers of the execution. By presenting this situation, she showed how capital punishment can lead to abuse in the system and I think, even if our society is quite different, the death penalty could become an easy way to get rid of prisoners

Controversial questions

Do you think full-life sentences could benefit the state more than the death penalty?

If you are pro death penalty, what should the law state for the definition of those who should have the death penalty and those who should be given a life-sentence?