Wash and Dry Green Energy by Renata Mirza and Manuel-José Navidad Perez

by ManuelNavidad on November 6, 2017 - 9:50pm

Wash and Dry Green Energy

In our everyday life, we tend to use a lot of appliances to ease up our lives at home.  However, often, we tend to forget how much we use them and how much energy they consume. Therefore, unconsciously, we’ve been growing our ecological footprint without even knowing it! Furthermore, in our society, eliminating the use of all of our appliances would be impossible, and consequently, there is only so much that one can do to in order to limit one’s production of greenhouse gases.

To begin with, we all should switch our appliances to green energy efficient appliances because it would help us to reduce our use our energy and reduce our fossil fuel emissions. Why should we change our appliance to a greener one? By changing our everyday appliances, it will conserve energy for later other use, it helps reduce a person energy bill, which it can help those who do not have the ability to pay an expensive bill. Since the appliances reduce and conserve to the maximum energy to make a task, it will also reduce the exploitation of natural resources that are used for creating the energy to function the appliance. Also, they help to be able to reach a sustainable development and they will help us to control our pollution. Furthermore, green energy efficient appliances contribute to protecting our natural energy sources from becoming unavailable. In addition, if more people change their appliances, by making this step it will help grow and create new industries and jobs, which will help the country’s economy.

On the other hand, there is no magic formula for reducing our emissions of greenhouse gases or our use of energy. There is no magic ingredient, except for our own involvement in the matter. In fact, even if you buy an energy efficient appliance, you still need to “help” it in order for it to be able to work at its full potential. For that matter, there are some tips that can be used in order to keep them in good shape. First of all, everything starts before you buy the product.  What are your needs? How often will you be using it? What are your plans for the future: will you change your way of living? Will you have more or fewer people using it? All these questions should be answered before you even consider buying a new appliance. It will help you decide if you need a big or a small appliance, a strong or a weaker one. It all depends on your needs, and the best it is suited for you, less energy will you waste with it. After, you should always measure the room you have for that appliance: you need to have enough air around it to help cool it. Finally, when you go buy it, investigate the brand and ask questions, it the best way you’ll be able to be sure that you made a good choice. When you get home, you cannot simply start using it and expect everything to be fine forever… In order to have the best efficiency out of your purchase, you should always think about keeping it clean. For instance, you should always check and clean the filter of your drier before you turn it on. It will help the air flow and procure a better drying. Equally important, you should always read the “owner’s manual” beforehand, because there are a lot of useful hints in it on how to use the device at its best efficiency.

To conclude, everyone should go check their appliances from time to time, and if ever, change them to a more energy efficient (don’t forget to recycle your old ones though!). You should keep them clean and use them as less as possible, and if you do need to use them, be sure to follow all the hints on energy efficiency and saving which can be found on EnerGuide or the owner’s manual of the appliance.