by imaneeem on November 14, 2017 - 8:32pm

What is a vegan diet, How do people become vegan?

A vegan diet is mostly known for its plant based, no dairy, no meat, no animal product use. It is the most common diet going on right now. Being a vegan isn’t just avoiding meat and other animal substances, it has a lot more to do with the inner self and different beliefs.  Someone who becomes vegan maybe decided to try it out for health reasons, or others because they believe in animal and human equality, also have witnessed a animal cruelty themselves which made them change ideas. It is simple to see it that way, but going vegan can actually help with a lot of health problems, and it isn’t as easy as it seems. Going vegan has a lot of impacts not only one one’s health but also on one’s mental state and physical state of mind.  Now that we have resumed a bit what veganism is. Here are examples of what vegans can and cannot eat.  In conclusion, veganism is a form of practice to exclude any kind of animal cruelty and/or animal food.  


- eggs

- dairy products

- meat

-animal products (fur, silk, honey)


-       Legumes

-       Tofu

-       Grains

-       Beans

-       Vegetables

-       Fruits

-       And plenty more


What is vegan nutrition?

They avoid animal flesh, which includes beef, pork, lamb, venison, buffalo, poultry and seafoods. Some of them do not eat dairy products but some do. If they don’t eat dairy products they are called lacto-ovo vegetarians. As we all know, vegans do eat fruits and vegetables and a lot of greens. But, as most people see it they don’t eat anything else except for that. They're wrong they eat other nutrients to keep their health balance stable and still have the adequate amount of proteins and vitamins they need. For example, instead of meat they will make some tofu, or soya beans that are just as healthy and nutrient. Another food that is rich in proteins are soya alternatives to milk and yoghurt and peanuts. The foods that contain the fibers that they eat are oats, sweet potato, whole meal bread, whole-wheat pasta and brown rice instead of white bread, white rice and white pasta. They do not buy milk since it comes from a cow, instead they will buy almond milk or soya milk because of their diet.



       How does it affect the environment?

By being vegan, we reduce the impact of climate change, rainforest destruction, and pollution. By not eating animals they are saving greenhouse gas emissions. The reason why is because raising animals means that farmers have to feed them which means we need land used for grazing and growing feed crops. To feed the animals we need a lot of grains that are grown from the ground that we could use to feed humans with that food." Just to produce animal protein we need approximately 12 times more land, water and fossil fuels than if we were producing soy protein" demonstrated ( By reducing the transportation of foods from one country and polluted the environment by being vegetarian you can make your own food at home or grow the food in your backyard. You could also go to your local market that sells fresh vegetables and fruits that were grown in your country and didn’t need any transportation which means no greenhouse gas emissions were released in the air.