Climate debt

by nick18 on September 21, 2017 - 3:44pm

Nicolas C, Max D, Ariane G

Climate Debt

     Countries that are less developed and don’t contribute as much carbon emissions as high emissions countries feel they need to be repaid for the consequences of pollution like natural disasters, droughts, and bad air that they didn’t cause. “The earth has one atmosphere and climate system. We must live within its limits and share the benefits fairly.” The same is to be said about sharing our disadvantages especially if we didn’t cause it. Two important factors are present in climate debt the first one being how much damage has developed countries done to least developed countries that don’t contribute to pollution and the second being how much debt is to be payed what are the consequences for the developed countries that are too stubborn to change their ways of making energy and to realize how much damage they are doing. 

     The countries that owe money to countries that haven’t contribute to carbon emissions to start off would be The United States which have emitted from 1960 to 2013 210 billion tons of carbon dioxide. This is the country that is the most in debt followed by Russia which have produced about have the emissions of carbon dioxide of the US. Statistics from Justin Lin state that “about 75%to 80% of the damages cause by global warming will be suffered by developing countries, although they only contribute about one-third of greenhouse gases”. According to David Suzuki and many scientist around the world pollution and greenhouse gases has an impact on natural disasters for example the hurricanes that are occurring in Florida and the small islands around it these natural disasters cause a lot of destruction to countries that do not take part in the emission of greenhouse gases or take little part compared to US which should be the country punished by all the pollution it has created.

     Just to leave a statement to how much damage has been cause to the countries that do not produce greenhouse gases, just the United States owe $4 trillion dollars just from climate debt according to VICE which have been investigating about climate debt. This is a lot of money and just shows how much destruction countries like Canada, United States, Russia have done to countries who produce no to almost no pollution. If countries would switch to renewable ways of producing energy they would lower their climate debt helping them in the long run make more money and have less debt.

     It is disturbing to find out that the countries producing low amounts of pollution are the ones that suffer the most because of countries like the US that do not want to stop polluting and switch to renewable sources. I believe climate debt will help stop or decrease pollution since when countries like US will be forced to pay $4 trillion dollars in debt to other countries they will realize that they need to stop polluting and switch to renewable sources.