by Audrey Houle on November 2, 2017 - 5:19pm

Audrey Houle and Alexanne Beaulieu


In a society where global warming is becoming a big problem, many solutions had to be found. One of them is carsharing. This new concept is becoming more and more popular and those who don’t know about it should be aware of how beneficial it is. This article will explain the benefits of carsharing and how it works.

To begin, we must define carsharing. Carsharing consists of renting cars for which the renters only pay for the time the car was rented and for the distance traveled. Carsharing has many benefits. First of all, it makes people save money. Indeed, the renters only pay for the distance they traveled and for the time they had the car. Also, the carsharing companies pay for the maintenance, repair and insurance of their cars, so the renters don’t have to pay for these. Secondly, carsharing is good for the environment for many reasons. Since there are fewer cars on the roads, the amount of greenhouse gas emitted is reduced. Another way in which carsharing contributes to reducing global warming is by inciting people to walk, bike or take the bus. Indeed, renters take the time to wonder if they really need to rent a car because they don’t want to waste money. Therefore, for shorter distances, they might decide to walk or bike, which are free, and for longer distances, they might take the bus, which is cheaper than renting a car. Additionally, as mentioned above, people hate wasting money. Therefore, before renting a car, they’ll plan their trip in order to drive the shortest distance possible and pay less. By reducing their mileage, the renters emit smaller amount of greenhouse gas. (“Carsharing”)

There are many carsharing opportunities now on the market, because consumers used to be less interested in the traditional way of carsharing and the companies decided to make more options for these people. Although, it’s a good thing that none of these options have been completely erased from the society, because it depends on how you like to manage your carsharing and everyone thinks differently. The three options of carsharing that will be defined below are traditional carsharing, one-way car sharing, and modified one-way carsharing.

The traditional carsharing is the normal principle of carsharing, but without any freedom, which means that the client has to pick and drop the car at the same station, which they don’t choose, and they have to drop the car at a certain time. This option penalizes the user and the requests for it are decreasing.  The problem is that anything could happen and it’s more difficult to predict the traffic, the children or whatever could happen on this day. Therefore, it’s easy to be late to drop the car.

The one-way carsharing is more flexible for the user. Actually, the user is able to choose the drop off and the pick-up stations, but has to do it at the same time as booking, so it’s kind of early because the user has to book the car weeks before, and has to be sure that he/she will be there on time this day. Also, while booking, the companies could have another offer from another person and could have to cancel that one because the parking spaces could be all taken.

The modified-way carsharing is the most flexible of them all. In fact, this option accepts that the user drops off and picks up the car within a bigger perimeter area. The users like this way of doing things because they have more time to drop off the car. However, this method is much more expensive, and the user must be aware of it. (Fantola et al. 19,20,21,22)



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