NAFTA’s role with climate change

by DSP3333 on September 23, 2017 - 10:41am

          Put in motion in 1994, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has created the relationship we know today between the US, Canada and Mexico. Since its creation, over 40 000 000 jobs were created. There are also no more taxes if it comes to trading goods between those three countries. Not only that, but their economies have also doubled.

          But what role does NAFTA has to do when it comes to climate change? Well, although they’re proficient for the economy, all of those trades between countries also mean use of fuel in order to move the merchandise. If we look in deeper, we find that it’s the conservatives’ point of view against the progressives’ point of view. It’s thus hard to install climate change regulation where many people see only the conservative way. The US’ current president Donald Trump believes climate change is a hoax. He’s already displeased with the NAFTA since he believes the US doesn’t profit enough out of it economically speaking, and he might even retire the US from NAFTA. With the last negotiation not improving in any way climate change measures, it won’t be easy to make the US fight back climate change.

          The thing is that if the conservatism strengthens its grip even more, that would mean even lesser regulations for fossil fuel industries and more trades. This would be catastrophic for us that believe in climate change. Not only that, but NAFTA might end up giving the right to corporations to have their own kind of tribunals where if the government does something that obstruct the companies’ road to more profit, these companies can sue the government for tons of money. Giving that much power to companies means that the government, which is supposed to be the citizen’s listener, will no more have the means to do what it can to help citizens. This would create a country where the companies restrict the government for their own profit and no more for the sake of its citizens.

          The course NAFTA negotiations are heading to don’t seem too prosperous for the environment. That doesn’t mean there’s no hope though, many other countries have already chosen a path towards salvation by encouraging renewable energy and decreasing their fossil fuel dependency. It’s still possible that the US will also see that no good can come from using only limited fossil fuels, and thus change its path.