Green Cars

by DanielBoon on November 13, 2017 - 12:19pm

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Green Cars

With the new innovations being brought upon eco-friendly cars, we question which is better, electric or gasoline? The quick answer everyone falls back to is that electric cars are more expensive, or that they do not cover long distances as well as gas operated engines. The real answer however, is no and no.

First, a article declares that the average cost for maintenance of electric cars is lower than gasoline ones. This is due to the fact that electric cars do not have fuel powered engines, they do not consume a ton of energy output on heating. In addition, they do not need oil. Another aspect is, it’s much cheaper to charge an electric car than it is to refill a gas car. Based on it cost 3.65$per gallon for gas and for electric only 1.14$ per gallon. Especially with the ever-rising fuel prices and carbon taxes, electric might be the only way out of this oil taxation. (Rob Carrick)

Another great point is, green cars do not pollute as much as regular ones. Noise pollution will be diminished a lot because their motors do not produce sound. As well, pollution is diminished because fuel cars leak from time to time, oil, and rarely gas. Therefore, electric car cuts out all damages caused by fuel cars.


Overall, electric cars will not only save the users from pulling out their wallets, but also people’s sleep in industrialized areas. And after all, who doesn’t want a ninja car that saves money and the environment.



My collegues and I were interested in commenting on your post because it involves a topic which is very up to date and may be a great solution to the greenhouse gases pollution for future generations. We found interesting that the topic of noise pollution was brought up because it is not an argument that people usually use to show the value of green cars over gasoline-powered ones. Indeed, noise pollution is definitely an issue, especially in metropolitan cities such as Montreal, New York, and many more. Therefore, such an argument is extremely valid and well thought. Also, it is interesting how less costly it is to recharge an electric car than to refill a gasoline-powered engine. However, although the previous statement is to be taken into consideration, it is a known fact that even the best electric car brands such as Tesla cannot provide their cars with the same distance range compared to petroleum-fueled cars. The difference is not huge, indeed, but this range considerably decreases in winter since electricity is used to heat the car and for many other functions. Therefore, it may not be suitable for people who tend to drive longer distances for work, school or to see family. Also, it is true that electricity-powered cars will barely pollute the environment after its conception. However, according to, the conception itself is generated by coal-fired power stations, which "is likely to cause more than three times as many deaths from pollution as a conventional petrol-driven vehicle." That being said, we believe your arguments are strong and convincing, so an overall good job.

This is a great topic because green cars are likely to be a major component of near-future technologies in the world of transportation. It is a good incentive to write an article about it since it is difficult to change people's mentality that is so wide-spread concerning the viability of gasoline-fueled cars. The article made good points that are generally not considered when people talk about green cars, such as noise and fuel leaks, on top of ones that are widely agreed-upon such as its long-term advantages such as prices. The only critique is that no data was provided concerning the disadvantage of green cars on long distances.

I lovd the idea. Green cars are very lowkey at the moment, people nowadays don't realise the big impact their engine has on this planet. If we tell people about what is going on, and different possible solutions to make it grow away, maybe it'll make a change. I really like your summary on green ars because it just simply reminds us of these small actions who can make big differences in this world.