Biking to get the money

by FelixMorin on October 30, 2017 - 1:18pm

Biking to get to work

Felix, Stefania and William


Fitness and health

Since your body is the engine and the food you eat is the fuel biking to get to work burns many calories (about as many as jogging) with less consequences on your joints. It improves cardiovascular fitness, lowers your blood pressure and helps gain muscle. In general, women are more prone to develop osteoporosis and physical activity helps make one’s bones stronger



Many studies have shown that by exercising on a daily basis, people are less stressed, have less risks of depression, improve sleeping, reduces anxiety and makes people more confident.


Brain power

Exercising daily can prevent decline of mental faculties, make people’s memory better, makes them learn faster. Overall, biking to get to work makes people’s brains more efficient.



To own a bike costs anywhere from 250$ to 1500$ depending on the quality of the bike and where you purchase it. Also, its maintenance can cost about 50$. On the other hand, an average car costs about 33 000$, which doesn’t include the price for maintenance. An average American spends 1962$ on gas and oil per year, which is immense compared to the price of a bike. Assurances and parking prices also need to be considered. In fact, it costs an average of 9000$ per year for an American to own a car. Cities investing in better biking infrastructure can save between 388$ and 594$ million dollars in individual health care cost in the future. In fact, if people are in better shape, they are less likely of being sick and developing heart disease and other problems linked to inactivity.



Cycling is one of the most energy efficient and cleanest way to transport yourself from place to place. It reduces carbon emissions from cars, since an average car releases 1.2 pounds of CO2 per mile, meanwhile an average cyclist produces 0.7 grams per trip. Also, bikes do not need toxic batteries



Biking is convenient because it’s easy to find a parking spot for your bike. Moreover, cyclists don’t get stuck in traffic jams and therefore get to work faster in most urban cities



Using a bike reduces the traffic in congestion hours, which reduces traffic related accidents. Since the number of bikes is going up, the number of cars is going down, less accidents happen between bikers and automobilists. Also, since there are less collisions, people are more likely to get on their bikes to get to work, and so forth.



When first getting a driver’s license, there is an immense sense of freedom felt by teenagers that drive alone. However, that freedom disappears when you get older and get stuck in many traffic jams or waste your time looking for a parking. However, by riding your bike, you can go at your own pace wherever you want and observe the world around you better.

Suzuki, David. “Just Cool It!”



I find it interesting that you focus on all the benefits that biking to work occurs to us. Most of the time, the only thing that comes into our head is saving money by biking to work of course, saving money is one great benefit. But there is more than this and your article just prove that to us. I agree with you that exercising make you in a better mood. It gives you more energy and you will be more efficient at work. Which is a great thing for the business and your co-workers are more tend to speak to you which make everyone's day better. Then, it is true that biking is more convenient regards traffic. If you're safe while biking, you'll avoid accidents more than people who travel in cars. It's easier to get to work, plus you might get there at time for the first time in forever.