You can take a thug out of his life, but cannot take the thug life out of one.

by mike_parent on August 28, 2013 - 12:19pm

Some new information on the case of Aaron Hernandez. Former New England Patriot tight end, was arrested on June 26 at his house for the murder of former semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd. The New England Patriots took his jersey of the market and refund or exchange the product for all the customer who bought the number 81. His character was also deleted in video games for instance, NCAA 14 or Madden 25.


Apparently Hernandez was a drug addict, a drug called angel dust. Family members says that the former pro-bowler was paranoid and always had a gun on him. It did not take long to the world to know that Aaron Hernandez was in fact found guilty in this case. Not only Hernandez was a drug addict but he was also a member of a gang which is not really conventional for a professional athlete. Picture of him holding a gun at his house where put on the internet not long after the first couple of articles were out. He really could not hide from his dark memories.

It sad that a great player like him has committed a murder like Hernandez did. I hope that this case won’t kill the name of the sport, because football is a great sport. It’s a very mental sport also physical but if you don’t have the mind to it you cannot play well. It is also a great thing that EA sports has taken him out of their games, that way kids will no longer associate themselves to that player.

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