Winters warmer because of global warming?

by gabizawa on October 30, 2013 - 2:04pm




The global warming is bringing changes on our planet and some of them are more relevant. We are talking here not just about pollution but how it affects the planet for example temperature’s changes. I often ear that the summer are hotter than they were twenty years ago,  what about winter? I heard whether consultants saying the same thing about winter, less snowy and warmer. But are they right to say that?


In fact, it should be normal that our winters get warmer because of the global warming. According to a new study, this is wrong. During the 2009-2010 winter, it was an era of cold time in Europe, Eastern United States and also in Canada. This brought perturbations to the citizens because winters were supposed to be warmer, but there was many snow storms and temperatures were colder. The same thing happened for the next winter . This came with many questions.  Now researchs are saying that this can be the product of global warming.  Judah Cohen, an Atmospheric and Environmental Researcher in Massachusetts and his colleagues, studied the northern hemisphere since twenty years.  For summers, temperatures had risen and for winters, they have become colder since the past years. They also noticed that the moisture level in Artic had increase. According to Cohen, the rise of this level can affect and create these colder winters.  He is scared that if summers and autumns gets hotter the snow will be replaced by rain.  Cohen and his team shown that predictions were more likely about warmer than colder winters. According to them, these predictions were false and they should make them on more valuable sources.


This article was a good one, it shows and explains well why the predictions of warmer winters are false. It is also written by an Atmospheric and Environmental Researcher and his team who are making research for twenty years. This means that we can actualy rely on these  facts. This permit us to see the changes based on reliable informations. They also insist on the fact that they want the predictions to be revaluated. They will try to change these predictions because they are telling us wrong informations about our winters. They proved their studies to be accurate not only in Canada but even in contries all around the world.

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