Wining 91-0 considered bullying?

by mike_parent on October 23, 2013 - 11:49am

Last week, Aledo High School football team won 91-0 against Fort Worth Western Hills, in Texas. After the game, the parents of one of the player in the losing team filled a bullying complaint. The head coach from the winning team was upset about the game and was thinking of how he could keep themselves from scoring in the third and fourth quarter. On the other side of the ball, the head coach was not expecting much from this game because he knew that they were facing the no.1 team in the league. He also said that the game was handled in a proper way and that nobody could change something about it.


For my part, I do not think it is bullying when the team you are playing against is winning by that amount of points. If the team is ranked number 1 in the league you have certain expectations towards them and you try to stop them from beating you by a blowout. This game is a special case because the stats show that the team did their best to keep themselves from scoring with only 10 passes attempt and second string players put in the game after 21 snaps, adding to that a running clock in the second half of the game, it is the least you can do. Parents were not happy with the results but calling that bullying is a bit taking the results to personal I think.

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