When your dreams are talking to you…

by amelie_durocher on October 2, 2013 - 12:14pm

While we are sleeping, we are dreaming. A dream is an illustrated representation of our thoughts while our body is sleeping. Can our dreams be influenced by our daily routine or by a specific event that happened in our day? There is a lot of things that can influenced your sleeping, in this article you will see six of them.

This article shows six things that influence our sleep. Through sounds, smells, positions, states of mind, addictions or vitamins, our sleep is affected in different ways. Most of the time it is affecting the amount of sleep that you have but in this case it’s changing your dreams. For example, if you are in a bad moon, the color palette of your dream will be changed. This article is not the best article because we don’t know who the author is. She wrote that she works for “YouBeauty” but we do not have any proof. However her arguments are good ones because she refers to the International Association for the Study of Dreams and all of her explanations are accompanied of a quote from the dream analyst, Lauri Loewenberg, who is a member of the association.

Personally, I think that our sleep is affected by our environment and our behavior. I agree with the fact that those six elements influenced our dreams because when we have to wake up earlier most of us dream that the alarm is snoozing or that we are late, which means that we are conscious even if we are sleeping and that our mind is telling us messages through our dreams. I think it’s interesting to accord more importance to our dreams because like the study said it is how our mind reminds us while we are not awake. Sleeping is a recovery process as much physical as psychological. There is a lot of things that influence our sleep and according more importance to what we have done the night before a special dream could be an interesting exercise to know a little bit more about our own influencing factors of sleep.


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