When sport becomes a way of teaching…

by amelie_durocher on October 2, 2013 - 12:13pm

We all know that practising sport is a good way to improve our heart and our muscles but it is also a way to improve our character and to learn life lessons. Even if it’s not in a competitive environment sport is a good way to learn and improve yourself.

This article explains a lot of qualities that sport teaches us in different contexts. It takes the form of little interviews with people who practised different sport in their lives and they explain how it has affected their behaviours. For some it was about learning how to work with pairs which has affected their professional life because you have to be able to work with different partners in life. For others, it was about the importance of being honest. This article is from the Ethic Resource Center which I didn’t hear about before today.  I try to search the author and I didn’t find any information about her and the article is composed of little interviews. It is not a good reference for the arguments and the issues but the information is true if you know how it works in this field.

As an athlete and a coach, I know how sport can teaches a lot of lessons through different contexts. I think the fact of interviewing people about how they think it has changed their lives is a good idea because I think every athletes would say that it has affected their life in one way or another, but explaining how makes you realize how much it has an impact on you. I also think that the quality mentions in the article are universals and they are taught in every sports in their own way. As an example, I’m working in figure skating in which you have to accept the judgment of others, this lesson can be transmitted in gymnastic, dance etc., but the athlete doesn’t learn it the same way. Being judged by your audience and being judge by a professional is not the same thing but you’re learning how to accept a critic in both case. I think sport is a good way to improve our behaviour even if you are an adult or a child. I also things that those lessons that we learned in sport can be transmitted in our daily life.


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