Since When Has Television Become More Important Than Education?

by cynthiachu on October 23, 2013 - 8:40pm


Before, children were finding some ways to entertain themselves by playing games, going outside, playing with cars or dolls, going at their friend’s house, etc. Nowadays, with the importance of technology, it appears that children can only be entertained by texting, surfing on the net and watching television. What attracted me in the title is that this dependency to electronics actually is getting more valued than education, especially school.

In this article, it reports the easy access children nowadays have with mediums of media such as television, computer and cellphones and the fact that a child, in average, spends in front of a screen in comparison to the time spent being in school. This problematic makes Dr. Sidman, a child health expert, worry and suggest parents to limit the time spent in front of a screen and other habits that could prevent television from having bad repercussions on the children’s life.

I wanted to write about this article because I agree with Dr. Sidman’s recommendation and because I think children should reduce their time spent in front of the television. In fact, this habit can have negative effects on the body and the health of a person, and especially of a child. According to Nemours Foundation, a non-profit organization devoted to children’s health, spending more than 4 hours a day in front of the television, for example, increases the risks for a child to be more likely overweight. Also, according to the child psychiatrist Michael Brody, MD, chair of the television and media committee of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, hundreds of studies have shown a connection between violence on TV and the impacts it has on children. As a matter of fact, they claim that too much television can have a serious social influence on the children’s mind; the characters and the violent acts presented in TV shows or movies have a direct and negative repercussion on the child’s behaviour and can reinforce certain stereotypes. For example, many television programs can have an important influence on children, such as making them to later on to accept and use violence as a way of resolving difficulties.


I find it very important to be aware of this problematic because we are now in a era where electronics have taken a lot of place in our lives, even some school have considered to use these gadgets in their institutions. Therefore, I recommend that the use of electronics should better be controlled because of the fact that they are becoming more and more accessible nowadays. It is our duty to lead and put the children of our generation on the right track and to give them good and healthy habits so that they won’t get these noxious effects.


It is totally true that the television and media became more important in children life. The problem is the content of the media, not the media itself. If television would have math, science and French shows, television would not be seen as a problem. It would be the dream of every parent. The reality is the content of TV nowadays promotes what children should not be exposed at their age. The violence and sexual content is getting more and more “normal “to be seen at TV. This is clearly not how a child is supposed to be raised. The parent can limit the child, but not enough. Media will always find a way to get to the most vulnerable part of the society, and start the brainwash process. Here is a link that shows all the negative effects of television of children.

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