Whats Forgotten However still Exists.

by PedgeRuest on August 28, 2013 - 11:44am

Turns out that what’s been forgotten, has taken people by surprise once again. It has been reported that a young in Kyrgyzstan died on August 22. This young boy, too lately diagnosed, died of the Black Death, also known as… The Bubonic Plague.

First off, what is the Bubonic Plague exactly? The Bubonic Plague is an epidemic that started off in the 14th century across Europe killing around 25 million people. This disease carried by rodents and fleas, kills within 4 days of the untreated infection.

The background story about how and why this happened is basically about an innocent young boy who decided to cook a groundhog, which however turned out to be carrying the Bubonic Plague. It is certainly not a pleasant surprise after investigation to track down every single person who came into contact with the victim. They have found 100 people who came in contact with him, but the real problem is, they still haven’t found those who shared the groundhog with him. Who would ever think that a hungry young boy who’s simple want was to feed himself would die of the Plague? This may once again arise the popular problem of the non-stop search for food in under-developed countries. How can one simply solve this world-wide problem? In my opinion, it is still unknown because there is no perfect way of doing so, however, we can hope that the Bubonic Plague does develop into another disastrous epidemic.




You are right, many plagues and infections that has disappeared from our dailies lifes but still exists. I think its important for the population to know about those viruses that can kill them. Of course if you go to the hospital, you will probably get treated and get out alive but most of the citizen tends not to go to a place where you have to sit for minimum 4 hours in order to make sure you are ok.

You article is well written and truly inspiring, congratulation !

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