Warner Brothers

by alexandragagne2 on October 23, 2013 - 10:55am

We don't necessarily know it, but video game industry have a good place in our financial revenue. Warner Brothers game is one of the most known company in this industry. Montreal is in the top three places in the world for video game and multimedia development and one of the WB studio is here, in Montreal, since three years.Due to the rapid growth of the studio, WB recently got 1.5 million from the Province of Quebec to hire 100 person. This is a project based on a five years budget of 63 million, this money is for hiring, buying new equipment and later on, for a studio expansion project. This cannot have anything else than positive effect on our society. First it will create many jobs with an average salary of 70 000$ per year and secondly this can bring new interest in Quebec province. Gaming is becoming a form of art, people are interested by it because it contains much creativity and it's stimulating. It can be a specific subject but at the same time a very vague, maybe you don't like to play video games, but you may like it for new technology and multimedia. A part of the world that doesn't stop to grow.


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